After-Market Auto Parts – Cheap!

What do you do when you need to replace a broken part on your car – say a busted tail light? You could go the to dealer, and fall over from the shock of the price they quote. Or drive out to a salvage yard, with tools in-hand, and hope to find what you need (and how to extract the part without injuring yourself).

I found a good on-line site (and who doesn’t try on-line shopping first?).

online auto parts

Antique Oak Roll Top Desk – $1500

This is a beautiful antique oak roll top desk, located in my home in Boise. I paid $800 for it back in 1985. You can have it for $1500.

American Victorian era (1884?) roll top desk. Made of solid oak,
quarter sawn, with raised panel sides and back. Roll top is
S-shaped. Leather embossed with gold on top inset. Five drawers on
outside, two small drawers and ten slots under roll top. Also has two
concealed pen drawers, and pull out writing board. Has matching oak chair.